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Dear Customer

My name is Bo H. Drewsen and I am the chairman of Maritime Projects Ltd. (Parent company of Maritime Cruises). We offer a unique opportunity for you, your family and friends to travel as passengers on board a container ship. Cargo Cruises reach ports all over the world. Normally they follow a certain schedule and spend between 24-48 hours in port. What makes a trip by container ship different from a normal cruise ship is obvious; the peace, quiet, solitude and privacy whilst still being able to enjoy superior food, friendly crew and access to most places on board the ship at your convenience. Onboard you can enjoy reading books without distraction, and the atmosphere is very relaxed, there is no need to dress up for dinner, you can simply be as you are.

Traveling by cargo ship (either container or break bulk ship) is indeed a mode of transport that is less known to most people.
Most people would think that if you travel in this way you would have to be 65 years or older and retired but that is certainly not the case. While there is no public entertainment on board, no cinema, golf course or shopping hell available, there IS however ample space, peace and quiet for the busy executive and his or her family to get away from it all, to just BE, and BE TOGETHER!

SOUTHAMPTON TO HONG KONG PASSENGER ONBOARD A CARGO SHIP CMA CGM Christophe Colomb, Marseille Departed Southampton July 1, 2015 arrived Hong Kong August 7, 2015

If you would like to send email from the ship that is possible although you cannot be surfing the Internet. When the vessel nears the shore you will have cell phone reception but generally only be reached via the ships’ satellite phone. Don’t you also miss the good ol’ days when no one could reach you all the (time) 24/7? There is little wonder that many people in today’s world are stressed out and unable to focus because they never turn off their wired life. Try taking a trip with Maritime Cruises.

The choice of routes are endless, you may take an around the world journey for 3-4 months or take segments or short trips. Maritime Cruises is managed by experienced shipping people who will provide all the help you need in order to tailor make your trip to/from the ship. An example of a creative plan is to combining a cruise perhaps with a trip across Australia or North America by train. Why not travel from Rotterdam to Shanghai by ship and take the Transsiberian train back to Europe! (as a Dutch couple did a couple of years ago).

Would you really go through life without trying this kind of trip and life onboard? Passing the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal, getting in/out of port and just absorbing the views from the ocean both day and nightime. Enjoy the tranquility of your cabin after a nice dinner and a glass of French wine – what more could one ask for. You will arrive at your destination FULLY rested and in balance with yourself physically and above all mentally. Imagine the grand clarity your mind will find after a trip aboard a cargo ship.
You will face the world rejuvenated and full of energy..

Want to get some exercise? You can walk around the ship 4 times which would be equivalent to around 4km.

Since 2003 I have personally been a passenger on a vessel least once per year. I have also traveled with my 15 and 18 year old children from Hamburg to Hong Kong, an epic journey they will never forget.

Contact us today and let us give you an experience that will “stay” with you forever and that others can only be envious of.
Is it really relaxing to be a part of 3500 passengers on board a giant cruise ship with a shopping mall?

Give it a thought.

Kind regards

Maritime Cruises (a division of Maritime Projects Ltd)

Bo H. Drewsen

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